1: Books

  • Going to My Fathers House: A History of My Times (Verso, 2021)
  • Chandra Mukerji and Patrick Joyce “The State of Things: Reconfiguring State History and Theory”, Theory and Society, forthcoming 2016
  • “The Journey West”, Field Day Review, 10, 2014
    “Time Thickens: the Other West”, Field Day Review, 11, 2015
  • The State of Freedom: A Social History of the British State since 1800 (Cambridge University Press, 2013)
  • “Afterword”, Simon Gunn and James Vernon (eds), The Peculiarities of Liberal Modernity in Britain: Essays in Honour of Patrick Joyce (California University Press, 2010).
  • Joint ed., with Tony Bennett, Material Powers: History, Culture and the Material Turn, Routledge, Spring 2010.
  • Book length special issue: joint editor, with Tony Bennett and Francis Dodsworth, “Liberalisms, Government, Culture”, Cultural Studies, 21:4-5, Sept 2007, 525-778. Online availability on this site .
  • The Rule of Freedom: Liberalism and the City in Britain (Verso, 2003), xii+ 276 (Chinese translation in progress)
  • The Social in Question : New Bearings in History and the Social Sciences, edited by Patrick Joyce, with contribution (Routledge, 2002), xii+224
  • The Oxford Reader on Class, edited and introduced by P. Joyce (Oxford University Press, 1995, Paperback), ix + 347
  • Democratic Subjects: the Self and the Social in Nineteenth-century England (Cambridge University Press, hb and pb, 1994), xii + 242
  • Visions of the People: Industrial England and the Question of Class 1848-1914 (CUP, 1991. Paperback 1993), x +449.
  • The Historical Meanings of Work, edited and introduced by P. Joyce (Cambridge University Press, 1987; CUP Paperback, 1989), v + 320
  • Patronage and Poverty in Merchant Society: the History of Morden College, 1695-present (Gresham Books, Henley, 1982), xi + 106
  • Work, Society and Politics: The Culture of the Factory in Later Victorian England (Harvester Press, Brighton, 1980; Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, 1980; Methuen University Paperback 1982; Rutgers University Paperback, U.S., 1985, Gregg Revival 1991), xxv + 356

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2: Articles, Chapters


Published, selection as follows:

  • “What is the social in social history”, Past and Present, Feb 2010. Also available online on this site .
  • CRESC web working paper no. 54, June 2008, “Postal communication and the making of the British technostate”. See for online version. Also available online on this site .
  • “History: Great Britain: 1815 to their Present”, Encyclopaedia Britannica, current edition (approximately 40,000 words, complete revision and updating of existing entry). Publication Jan. 2008. Online availability with Encyclopaedia Britannica; online availability on this site pending.
  • “Social history and the concept of the social”, in Historia Social, 2008
  • “The gift of the past: towards a critical history” in K. Jenkins, et al (eds), Manifestoes for History (Routledge, 2007), including contributions from Hayden White, Joan W. Scott, Dipesh Chakrabarthy. Online availability on this site .
  • Russian language translation of “The politics of the liberal archive”, History of the Human Sciences, 12:2, 1999, in New Literary Review, 2006
  • “Material culture and cultural history”, Ayer, 2006 (Spanish-language symposium on the state of social history, journal of the Society for Social History, Spain)
  • “The potency of things: a critique of cultural history”, in Niall O’Ciosain (ed), Explaining Change In Cultural History (University College Press, Dublin 2005)
  • “A Post-modern Historian:Interview with Patrick Joyce”, Historiography Quarterly, 2:2003 (University of Shanghai Press, in Chinese). Online availability on the site .
  • “Introduction” and “Maps, Blood and the City” In Patrick Joyce (ed.), The Social in Question: New Bearings in History and the Social Sciences ( Routledge 2002) , the latter translated into Spanish, in La Situacion de la Historia : Ensayos de Historiographia, eds M a Cabrera and M McMahon (Universidad de la Laguna,2002). Online availability of chapter on the city on this site .
  • “More secondary modern than postmodern”, Rethinking History, 5:3, Dec.2001. Online availability on this site .
  • “The politics of the liberal archive”, in History of the Human Sciences, Feb.,1999. a revised version of this published 2005, ed. Hans Erich Boedecker, Libraries As Archives (Max Planck Institute and Vandenhoeck & Ruprect, Gottingen). Online availability on this site of HHS version .
  • “Re-thinking class”, Histor (a Greek-language history journal concerned with new departures in history writing), 1998.
  • “The return of history : postmodernism and the politics of academic history in Britain”, Past and Present, no 158, Feb 1998 207-235. Online availability on the site .
  • “From labour history to the history of labour”, Labour History Review, 1998
  • “Foreword” to John R. Hall (ed.) Re-working Class (Cornell Univ. Press, 1997)
  • Round table on Joyce, Democratic Subjects, including Joyce, “Response: turning to face modernity”, Jnl. of Victorian Culture 1:2, Autumn 1996, 318-340
  • “The end of social history? A brief reply to Eley and Nield”, Social History, 21:1, Jan. 1996*
  • “John Bright and the English Constitution” in James Vernon (ed.), Re-Reading the Constitution: New Narratives in Political history in the Long Nineteenth Century (CUP 1996)
  • “The end of social history?”, Social History, 20:1, Jan. 1995, 73-91.(translated into Spanish, Historia Social, no 50, 2004 (III) ). Online availability on this site .
  • “The imaginary discontents of social history”, Social History, 18:1, Jan. 1993, 81-7
  • “History and post-modernism”, Past and Present, 133, Nov. 1991, pp. 204-9 (translated into Japanese, 1994, Iwanami Shoren, Tokyo). Online availability on this site [Download PDF… ].
  • “A people and a class: industrial workers and the social order in nineteenth-century England”, in M. Bush (ed.), Social Orders and Social Classes in Europe since 1500 (Longmans, 1992), 199-218
  • “The people’s English: language and class in nineteenth-century England”, P. Burke and R. Porter (eds.), Language, Self, and Society: A Social History of Language (Polity Press, Cambridge, 1991, 154-191
  • “Work”, chapter in Cambridge Social History of Great Britain, 1750-1950, vol.II (3 vols.), ed. F.M.L. Thompson (Cambridge University Press, 1990), 131-195.
  • “In pursuit of class: recent studies in the history of work and of class”, History Workshop Journal, Spring 1988, 171-177
  • “L’Inghilterra di Palmerston e Gladstone”, vol. VIII, La Storia: I Grandi Problemi dal Medioevo alla eta Contemporanea, ed. N. Tranfaglia, Turin, 1986, 263-287
  • “Languages of reciprocity and conflict”, Social History, 9:2, 1984, 225-233
  • “Labour, capital and compromise: a response to Richard Price”, Social History, 9:1, Jan. 1984, 67-77
  • “The factory politics of Lancashire in the later nineteenth century”, Historical Journal, XVIII, no. 3, 1975, 525-555

A number of the article and chapters cited above are also extensively anthologised in various readers on the nature of contemporary history, post-modernism and history, etc.

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